Classical Age

Very Early Stages of Setting up—-Not looking for players yet(Finishing another game still and setting this one up while the other winds down. This could potentially take a long while.)

Classical Age is a 5e Campaign set in a custom setting loosely based on Classical/Iron Age civilizations with a very mythological feel and tweaked to accommodate standard 5e races and classes.

The Campaign features homebrew classes, archetypes, backgrounds, feats, and Gods(Not required unless you are a Cleric). You can suggest a homebrew option, but it must be approved(Hint: Use common sense. I like Balance)

Characters will start at 3rd level. Max level not set, potentially Epic. No set number of Players. Encounters will scale to party. Considering Gestalt Rules, but havent made up my mind.

This will be played via Maptools(version not yet chosen)

Classical Age