Classical Age

And so it Begins
The hard part: Campaign set up

This is the annoying part especially if you use a Homebrew setting. I have a very loose plot and I’m still playing another game and am busy with real life stuff too. Progress will be slow, but hopefully will finish by the time my current game ends so we can have as little down timeas possible before the next game.

The design goal here is to put veteran and new players on the same playing field in terms of lore without making everything seem boring. So Instead of making up my own religion and history, I took the real world’s and tweaked it(cuz i’m lazy, but also because it’s interesting stuff).

I also want a big 5th edition game since I’m really liking 5e recently(also keeps the playing field more even since no one is a 5e pro yet. 5e is also easy to pick up). Map tools and Team speak make the game and the schedule more flexible too.

I have my work cut out. I need to tighten up the Setting, the character creation and the Plot and wikify it so no one keeps asking what’s allowed. Then I have to do code stuff to make map tools smooth for everyone to use.


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