Character Creation Rules

The Game will be played using Gestalt Rules as follows:

Characters can choose between the standard array or to roll 4d6(keep highest 3) for your stats. If rolling for stats you can roll 2 arrays but must keep one(no changing to standard once you decide to roll). Your minimum in any stat will be considered 6(yes, even if you roll all 1s on a stat)

You can choose only 1 background

You will start at 3rd level.

Each of your levels counts as though you took 2 classes.

You classes at 1st level have all the starting proficiencies and equipment for both your classes.

You do not combine Proficiency bonuses and you must follow multiclass rules for things like Extra Attack and Unarmored defense. You do not combine spell slots for both classes. You instead follow the more powerful progression each level. You will gain spells known for each spellcasting class, however and Wizards will add spells to their spellbooks from other classes if the spell is also on the Wizard spell list.

You can decide at any time to multiclass any one of your class choices(or both of them), but must follow multiclass rules as outlined in the PHB. You also have to justify in game how your character suddenly learned to be a wizard(usually requires a teacher)

Any time you would gain 2 ability score increases on the same level you instead gain 1 feat and 1 ability score increase(which may also be a feat if you choose).

If a character earns enough experience to gain more than 20 levels, they will choose an epic level progression based on the class they have most levels in(if tied, you choose). There will be another page for that, later.

Character Creation Rules

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