The Classical Age world is not based in actual history but a roantic rendering of it that has been subjected to Mythological and Sword and Sorcery features. Do not expect to find a finite list of places. Many times areas such as a small village will not be named or have an entry until the party decides to go there. Maybe it didn’t exist until the party was looking for a destination. The same can happen even with larger cities, though it is rarer.

Celtia – Tough Celtic warriors. Place is full of Druids and fae folk.

Germania – Tough viking Warriors(yes that religion spread far).

Rome – Elightened, Organized, and ruled by a Republic. They value public service and engineering feats. Kinda arrogant(actually, really arrogant).

Carthage – Rulers of most of Northern Africa and Parts of Southern Iberia. They are a Thassalocracy ruled by their Merchant Class from the City-State of Carthage. Their Gods are also big fans of Sacrifice(well more than other gods). They are super rich and will solve most problems with money.

Greece – A collection City-States such as Athens and Sparta. Greeks value their independence and seafaring way of life. They also have the most heroes and value individual achievements and adventurers more than most.

Egypt – Ruled by Pharaoh. The breadbasket of the world and site of many goldmines. Filled with necromancers and priests. Home of the Sphynx.





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